5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Microwave

The microwave is now a permanent feature of the modern kitchen. It is convenient, offers a quick cooking solution for almost anything, and does it a fraction of the time it takes to cook using other cooking solutions. But despite its relatively small size, a microwave can get in the way. One broad way around this is to use some sort of shelving for storing your microwave. This can free up valuable real estate on either your kitchen island or your traditional kitchen counter.

Here are 5 quick and easy space-saving solutions you can implement for your microwave.

Transform Your Cabinets
Contemporary cabinet design is very flexible. This allows for some creative space-saving solutions for non-cabinet items, including of course, your microwave. One simple solution is to install shelving on the level of your cabinets. This solution naturally reduces the storage space for one set of your cabinets but the space saved is worth it. You could even try placing this shelf close to the edge of row of cabinets and near a fridge. This gives you added convenience in grabbing those items for the microwave.

Keep Microwave Inside Kitchen Island
The kitchen island usually has ample space on top for storage and other uses, but the permanence of a microwave can reduce the versatility and flexibility of the space. To free up space on a kitchen island, you can move the microwave off the top and place it on a shelf inside the island. This will call for some open area on the island, but the space-saving on top makes the modification well worth it.

The Floating Microwave
The idea of a floating microwave may seem a bit outlandish but the space saved makes the quirky idea worth exploring. In this solution the microwave is elevated above its counter space and held together with brackets. This hanging effect is a less cluttered way of freeing up space on the counter whilst still keeping the microwave accessible.

Use Stove Top Space
The space above a stove top is usually free except when it is used top house an extractor of some kind. For those kitchens without extractors, the space can be handy for situating the microwave. This solution will call for the floating or hanging effect highlighted above. One added benefit of utilizing this space is that you can get real coherence between the appliances. Matching stove and microwave add a perfect design touch to any kitchen, even better when the microwave sits atop the stove.

Redeploy Space under Kitchen Counter
Traditional kitchen counters usually have a set of cabinets beneath the counter that can be used for storage. Often this space is used from the ground up, leaving ample unused space in that floating area above the stored item. The trend in some kitchens is to install split shelving above the items stored. This split can often create the space needed to store and operate a microwave.

These space-saving solutions are super easy to implement and won’t undermine the current efficiency and convenience you currently have with your microwave. Best of all, the solutions are so easy to unpack that you can move the microwave around to suit your taste.

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