5 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Dominate 2018

The kitchen, some say, is the most valuable room in the home. When one considers the sheer joy of cooking, family moments, and the delight of sharing with friends and family, it isn’t hard to see why this is considered the case. But kitchens are ever-changing; news styles and trends come in to replace the old, and this provides the opportunity to add a bit of modern flair to any kitchen space. These are the top 5 design trends that are to dominate kitchen design in 2018 and beyond.

The first major trend that seems to be taking off is the change of kitchen surface materials. Until recently, most designers used laminate materials on the majority of kitchen surfaces. Starting in 2016, there was a marked increase in the switch from laminate to quartz. This has come about due to the fall in prices of materials that were once considered high-end. Heading into 2018, other once out-of-reach materials will come down in price and in so doing, make their way into the kitchen. Quartz is already leading the new choices available.

Industrial Design
Wood, concrete and stone, not the trio you are used to seeing blended to create kitchen ambiance. But in 2018 this blend will be a big trend as the industrial look becomes more accepted by designers and homeowners. The design trend is heavily feted in Scandinavia; hardly a surprise given that Scandinavia is the home of design trendsetters like Ikea. Industrial design brings to the kitchen the rustic elements of exposed pipes, bared metals, edgy concrete and very minimalist furniture. Its contemporary chic meets the charm of country living and it is going to be a big part of kitchen design in 2018 and beyond.

Flat, Handless Kitchen Units
The days of clunky handles on kitchen units such as cupboards are over it seems. The creeping trend which looks set to become mainstream in 2018 is the seamless design of kitchen units with no handles. This flat, minimalist design of kitchen units is a complement to the industrial design trend mentioned above, and it is definitely catching on.

Earthy, Modern Tones
Traditional kitchens have always been partial to glossy white surfaces. But this is changing thanks to a growing demand for a more deep, yet modern accent inside the kitchen. The trend emerging for 2018 is for subtle grey and earthy tones. Deep, rich browns are now making their way into kitchen remodels, bringing an altogether contemporary yet grounded look to the kitchen.

Technology-Driven Appliances
The kitchen, like most places inside the home, has not escaped the relentless march of modern technology. The good thing about the emerging technological trends inside the kitchen is that homeowners seem to be embracing the change. There are now kettles that talk, to microwaves that can be controlled by your smartphone – whilst you are pulling into the driveway. 2018 will see even more integration as more and more of the kitchen and its functions are digitized.

These trends will no doubt take on more and more importance as 2018 rolls in. To take full advantage of them you’ll need to explore builders/remodelers that are staying on top of the current design trends. The good thing is that you now have some material with which to start the conversation.

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